Programmes for April

2023. March 29.

In January we celebrated the 200th anniversary of Sándor Petőfi's birth. On the occasion of the bicentenary, our dance ensemble pays tribute to the poet and his work with a new performance. In addition to the premiere, a festive performance on the occasion of Saint George Days and house of folk dance colour this month.

On the 13th and 14th of April we are going to present the folklore show "We will live free - Petőfi 200" directed by László Ivácson. The production is based on Sándor Petőfi's Transylvanian roots. The performance presents the poet, who was born in the lowlands, and his relationship with the people of Szeklerland, the changes in the mood of the years 1848-1949, the enthusiasm and compassion that arose in the wake of current events. Petőfi proclaimed his republican principles everywhere, and was steadfast in stoking the fires of revolution. His nationalist poems are excellent pieces of Hungarian patriotic lyric poetry, which send the message that it is not enough to love the homeland idly, but that it is necessary to recreate it by fighting for freedom. In April, we will visit several rural settlements, and in addition to Sfântu Gheorghe, we will also perform in Gergyóalfalu and Csíkszentgyörgy. The patron of the performance is Sándor Tamás, President of Covasna County Council.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Innovation, on the 19th of April we will present the dance theatre production Tragedy to the audience of Miercurea Ciuc. In the framework of a mini-tour on the 24-25th of April we will stage the production directed by Árpád Könczei in Reghin and Târgu Mures. The performance will also be part of the St. George's Day programme, on the 27th of April at the Háromszék Dance Studio.

More about the peformance: Új bemutató Madách Imre nyomán - Háromszék Táncegyüttes (

Folk music and folk dance lovers are welcome to join us for two Folk Dance Houses this month: on the 28th (Friday) and on the 29th (Saturday) April in the lobby of Tamási Áron Theatre.


13 April (Thursday) 19:00We will live free Petőfi 200 premiereSfântu Gheorghe Háromszék Dance Studio
14 April (Friday) 19:00We will live free Petőfi 200Sfântu Gheorghe Háromszék Dance Studio
17 April (Monday) 19:00We will live free Petőfi 200Joseni, Petőfi Cultural House
19 April (Wednesday) 19:00TragedyMiercurea Ciuc, Municipal House of Culture
23 April (Sunday) 18:00We will live free Petőfi 200Ciucsângeorgiu, House of Culture
24 April (Monday) 19:00TragedyReghin, House of Culture Eugen Nicoară
25 April (Tuesday) 19:00TragedyTârgu Mureș, National Theatre, Great Hall
27 April (Thursday) 19:00Tragedy/St. George DaysSfântu Gheorghe Háromszék Dance Studio
28 April (Friday) 20:00Folk Dance House/St.George DaysSf. Gheorghe, Lobby of Tamási Áron Theatre
29 April (Saturday) 20:00Folk Dance House/St.George DaysSf. Gheorghe, Lobby of Tamási Áron Theatre

Tickets for our performances in Sfântu Gheorghe can be purchased at the Central Ticket Office.
Opening hours: Monday and Wednesday from 08.00 to 16.00, Tuesday and Thursday from 08.00 to 18.00, Friday from 08.00 to 15.00, and one hour before performances. Phone number: 0267-312104.

Tickets for our performances in the countryside are available in advance at the ticket offices of the Cultural Centres.

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