Data processing

The Háromszék Dance Ensemble only handles the personal data that is absolutely necessary to provide
its own services. The legal basis for personal data handling: the voluntary personal information provided
by the website visitors, and the Ensemble’s fulfillment of its legal statutory obligations.
The Ensemble may use a third party’s contribution to the processing of personal data, provided that the
third party’s data handling and data protection practices comply with the necessary legal requirements.
Duration of data processing: until the website’s visitor withdraws consent concerning the processing of
personal data.
The Ensemble uses cookies on the website in order to improve user experience and to track
the number of anonymous users.

Information about the persoanal data processing provider:
Name: Ansamblul de Dansuri “Trei Scaune – Háromszék” (Háromszék Dance Ensemble / Háromszék
VAT: 4656165
Sediu: 520003 Sfântu Gheorghe, Str. Gábor Áron Nr. 1., jud. Covasna, România
Telefon: +40 372941240