Guest performance by the "Csiky Gergely" Hungarian State Theatre from Timișoara

2023. September 7.

The "Csiky Gergely" Hungarian State Theatre from Timișoara will be in Sfântu Gheorghe with a guest performance, Caravaggio at Háromszék Dance Studio on 29 September, starting at 19:00.


He did not use the colour blue because it reminded him of the plague, the cause of his father's death. He used beggars and prostitutes as models for his paintings, whose integrity he defended to the end, until he himself was submerged in their dark world.

A rebel, an adventurer, a fugitive, a friend of the outcast and marginalised, yet still enjoying the grace of the Church, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio redefined the concept of the shadow of light in painting and lived his life with passion to the last drop. An extraordinary and entertaining biography, a different kind of immersion in the world of light and shadows.

"The most quoted example of Caravaggio's iconoclasm is the painting The Call of St Matthew: Jesus' gesture of Matthew to the tax collector copies Michelangelo's familiar hand gesture from the Sistine Chapel ceiling fresco of God creating Adam, the first man. For Caravaggio, every man who knows himself in the divine light is also the first man, which is not only theologically accurate in a sophisticated way, but also, if we think about it, an unpretentious and suberb (self-)announcement of modernity." (András Visky)


Director: Visky Andrej
Décor: Luminaxis Studio
Costumes: Csegöldi Erika
Music: Visky Péter
Coreographer: Szekrényes László


Caravaggio: Balázs Attila
Cecco: Erdős Bálint
Onorio Longhi, Giovanni Baglione, Ranuccio Tomassoni: Jancsó Előd
Fermo Merisi, Pope: Kocsárdi Levente
Orazio Gentileschi, Del Monte: Bandi András Zsolt
Lena Antognetti, Angel: Vajda Boróka
Lucia Aratori, Fillide Melandroni, Angel: Borbély B. Emília
Giuditta, Prudenzia Bruni, Angel: Vadász Bernadett

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