Treasure of Dances

2022. June 21.

Folklore quiz for students

Historical layers of Hungarian dance heritage

The history of European dances, from ancient ritual dances to the present-day forms of movement seen in nightclubs, has followed a very long and particular path, which was similar at first, but after a while diverged from what was happening on other continents. A very colourful and rich dance culture has developed here over time, which has travelled around the old continent several times on the wings of art-historical styles and fashions, enriching itself everywhere, and most of which has miraculously survived in the folk tradition of the Carpathian Basin to this day, much richer than anywhere else.

In addition, of course, our dances are not just an imprint of European fashions, but also incorporate the heritage that we and the other travelling folks have brought from Asia. In addition to this and other very significant elements of our own, our dances have acquired a unique Carpathian Basin character, having been shaped and developed over time according to our own community needs, since they were no longer cultivated by other people, only by us. We also have dances that were consciously created by Hungarian music and dance creators in the Romantic era specifically for the purpose of Hungarian national self-expression, and which were then refined by the dancing people according to their own taste over generations. In addition, we Hungarians invented the house of folk dance fifty years ago as a way of passing on this whole folk dance culture in a modern urban environment, which is now known throughout the world and which more and more people are trying to learn from us.

Our performance is a fresh and lively interactive ethnographic collection, which not only presents the older and newer folk dances preserved by the Hungarian people, but also deals with the origins of these dances, the reasons for their development and changes, level by level.

We invite students to join the virtual museum walk with their smartphones for an exciting game.

During our performance we are going to visit the following rooms:

  1. Turul szint, Géza fejedelem terme: rítusok
  2. Liliomos szint, Nagy Lajos király terme: körtáncok
  3. Hollós szint, Mátyás király terme: kettős típusú táncok 
  4. Sárkányfog szint, Báthory István fejedelem terme: ugróstáncok – fegyvertáncok
  5. Tündérkert szint, Bethlen Gábor és a Rákóczi-fejedelmek terme: forgatósok és legényesek 
  6. Szabadság, szerelem szint, Petőfi Sándor terme: verbunk és csárdás 
  7. Boldog békeidők szint, „sánta németes” terem: polgári táncok, polkák, keringők

Choreographers: Farkas Tamás m.v., Farkas Ágnes m.v., Melles Endre, Tekeres Gizella
Music edited by: Fazakas Levente
Technical adviser: Kádár Elemér

Director-choreographer: Ivácson László

Dance company: Ádám Júlia, Bakos Ernő, Balla Gergely, Both Eszter, Gere Csaba, Gere Gabriella, Fazakas Mónika, Fülöp Zoltán-József, Kiss Adorján, Kocsis Lilla-Tünde, Lukács Réka, Márton Csaba, Márton Edina-Emőke, Melles Endre, Pável Hunor-Mihály, Podholiczky Rebeka-Ráhel, Portik-Cseres Norbert, Szvinyuk Sándor, Vass Tünde, Vitályos Dorottya

Singer: Erőss Judit

Heveder orchestra: Levente Fazakas, Albert Fazakas, László Szilágyi, György Bajna

Sound technicians: Kelemen István, Vajda Attila
Light technician: Bedőházi Alpár
Stage and technical staff: Fegyver Botond, Maksai Gábor
Dressers: Kis Gabriella, Para Kinga
Stage manager: Karácsony Endre

Dance masters: Tekeres Gizella, Melles Endre
Orchestra leader: Fazakas Levente
Artistic director: Ivácson László
Literary secretary: Szőcs Ildikó
Performance organisers:k: Szilágyi László Béla, Tusa Adorján
Administrative manager: Kátai Jocó
Deputy director: Sipos Noémi

Director: Virág Endre

Poster design: Kusztos Attila


  • 31 May, 13:30- Sf. Gheorghe, Háromszék Dance Studio (organised performance)

More organised performances in the Háromszék Dance Studio:

  • 1 June, 19:00
  • 2 June, 13:30
  • 3 June, 13:30
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