Dance theatre performance after Munkácsy Mihály

The dance theatre production ECCE HOMO is a unique take on the paintings of Munkácsy Mihály. On the one hand, the performance uses characteristical elements from the painter genius' life, on the other hand, it combines the meaning, the message and the strong dramatic character of the works of art with 21st century contemporary ideas. The whole performance follows the almost philosophical idea of "Behold the Man", dissecting human frailty, love, mockery, desire, the peculiarities of human nature, burdened with original sin. The artists use an ever-moving, ever-changing projection to transform the space into a specific setting for Munkácsy's paintings.


Music composer: Fazakas Levente
Costume design: Cristina Breteanu
Set design: Szőke Zsuzsi
Visuals, projection: Izsák Előd
Prop-making master: Zayzon
Art History Advisor: Gyarmati Gabriella
Dramaturg: Tapasztó Ionela-Alexandra
Dance Master, Assistant Choreographer: Farkas

Choreographer: Farkas Tamás
Director: Farkas Tamás - Tapasztó

Contributors to the sound recording:
Tiberius String Quartet:
Molnár Tibor- violin I
Lokodi Károly- violin II
Molnár József - bass violin
Zágoni Előd - cello

Dresch Mihály - tarogato, tuhun
Rázga Áron/Vida Mónika Ruth- piano
Lőfi Gellért - vocals
Gáspár Csaba- vocals
Kerezsi Csanád- vocals

Heveder orchestra:
Fazakas Levente- violin, vocals
Fazakas Albert - cymbalo, viola
Szilágyi László- viola, gardon
Bajna György- contrabass

Both Hajnal - flute
Vitályos Dorottya- clarinet
Kertész Huba- guitar
Kertész János- piano

The performance will feature live piano playing by Ádám Julcsi.

Studio, post production: Kertész János, Kertész Huba

Poster design: Hodgyai István

Dancers: Abonyi Rebeka, Ádám Júlia, Balla Gergely, Both Eszter, Gere Csaba, Gere Gabriella, Drimba Máté, Fazakas Mónika, Ferencz Péter, Fülöp Zoltán-József, Kiss Adorján, Kocsis Lilla-Tünde, Lukács Réka, Márton Csaba, Márton Edina-Emőke, Melles Endre, Pável Hunor-Mihály, Portik-Cseres Norbert, Vass Tünde, Vitályos Dorottya

The photographs used in the performance are the property of the Museum of Fine Arts - Hungarian National Gallery, the Déri Museum in Debrecen and the private collector Pákh Imre, and are protected by law.

The performance is recommended for viewers over 12 years of age.

Premiere: 29 January 2024, Sfântu Gheorghe, Háromszék Dance Studio

The Háromszék Dance Ensemble is officially sustained by:
The production of the performance was financed by:

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