Awards ceremony on the occasion of World Dance Day

2023. May 2.

Our 27 April performance of Tragedy, part of the 30th St George's Days, ended with a festive and moving moment.

On the occasion of the World Dance Day, three of our colleagues received certificates of honour from the Covasna County Council and the Mayor's Office of Sfântu Gheorghe, which were handed over by Deputy Mayor, Fruzsina Vargha.

Mónika Fazakas, Lilla-Tünde Kocsis and Réka Lukács have been dancing at our ensemble for more than 20 years, contributing by tireless work to the preservation of our folk culture, traditions and values, as well as to the spiritual and intellectual enrichment of our community.

Photo: Jocó Kátai

Also on the occasion of the World Dance Day, the Hungarian Dance Artists' Association awarded the best Hungarian dancers. The prestigious professional forum awarded the BEST MALE DANCE ARTIST OF THE YEAR prize to Endre Melles, the soloist dancer of Háromszék Dance Ensemble!

He won the award in folk dance category for his performance as Lucifer in the performance Tragedy (director-choreographer: Árpád Könczei).

Congratulations and we wish you continued success!