Folk Dance House programme (January-March, 2023)

2023. January 13.

Thanks to the support of the Csoóri Sándor Fund, we will continue to organise events of Folk Dance House in Sfântu Gheorghe in 2023. In the first half of the year, the following events will be held in the lobby of Tamási Áron Theatre and at the Park Restaurant:

  • 20 January - hosted by Eszter Both and Norbert Portik (theatre lobby)
  • 10 February - hosted by Rebeka-Ráhel Podholiczky and Sándor Szvinyuk (Park Restaurant)
  • 21 February - End of Carnival Folk Dance House - hosted by Tünde Vass and Zoltán-József Fülöp (theatre lobby)
  • 24 March - hosted by Rebeka-Ráhel Podholiczky and Zoltán-József Fülöp (Park restaurant)

Folk Dance Houses start at 20:00 with dance instruction.
Music: The Heveder band and the Folker ensemble

Organizers: Háromszék Dance Ensemble, Lajtha László Foundation, Kónya Ádám Cultural House
The organisation of Folk Dance Houses is supported by the Csoóri Sándor Fund.