Programmes for October

2022. September 30.

We start our October programme in Hungary, continuing our ten-day tour in Tiszakécske, Orosháza and Lajosmizse with the folk dance theatre production "Change" and the children's performance "World Famous Redever".

Between 9 and 16 October, we will have six rural performances with our folklore show "On strings": we will take part at the Hungarian Days in Torda, and we will present our show in four rural localities in the framework of the XIII Szeklerland Days. We will also perform in Medgyes, through the Covasna County Council's Diaspora Programme, which aims to preserve the identity of Hungarian communities living in the diaspora.

Our house of folk dance continues, this month on the 20th we welcome you to the lobby of Tamási Áron Theatre.

We are also preparing a premiere. Based on Imre Madách's The Tragedy of Man, we will present on the 30th of November our dance theatre production "Tragedy" directed by Árpád Könczei. On 25-26 October we will hold a pre-pemiere at the Háromszék Dance Studio. Further details of the performance will be announced soon.


2 October (Sunday)
ChangeTiszakécske Arany János Cultural Centre
3 October (Monday)
10:30 and 14:00
World Famous RedeverOrosháza Petőfi Cultural Centre
4 October (Tuesday)
World Famous RedeverLajosmizse Cultural House
9 October (Sunday)
On stringsTorda Bethlen Gábor Cultural House
Hungarian Days is Torda
12 October (Wednesday)
On stringsBereck Cultural House
XIII. Szeklerland Days
13 October (Thursday)
On stringsSepsibükszád Cultural House
XIII. Szeklerland Days
14 October (Friday)
On stringsKöpec Cultural House
XIII. Szeklerland Days
15 October (Saturday)
On stringsCovasna Cultural House
XIII. Szeklerland Days
16 October (Sunday)
On stringsMedgyes Cultural House -Traube hall
Covasna County Council's Diaspora Programme
20 October (Thursday)
Folk Dance HouseSf. Gheorghe
Lobby of Tamási Áron Theatre
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