Programmes for June

2022. May 27.

June is for children!

This month we will stage three performances of the new youth production "Treasure of Dances" (Tánckincs) directed by Ivácson László. We invite students to join us in an exciting game where they can join a virtual walk through the museum with their smartphones, not only to discover the older and newer folk dances preserved by the Hungarian people, but also to learn about the origins of these dances, their development and the reasons for changes.

Younger audiences will be able to meet Redever, King Gyuri and his daughters, Master Lágyi, Albi and Levente. The children's show "The Famous Redever" (Világhírű Redever) will be presented in two rural locations, Vârghiș and Ghelința, and at the 16th Children's and Youth Ensemble Meeting in Perkő.

In mid-June we will participate at the 17th Hungarian Dance Festival and the 7th Children's Dance Festival in Győr, Hungary. At one of the most prestigious dance festivals in Hungary we have been invited with two productions: on 14 June we will present "The Famous Redever" in the Kisfaludy Hall of the National Theatre in Győr, and on 15 June we will perform "The Alley of Dances" (Táncsétány) on the open-air stage in János Pál II Square.

We will close the 2021/22 season with our folk-theatrical performance "Change" (Átöltözés) on 20 June.

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