Dance Promenade

Háromszék Dance Ensemble is 30 years old.

Dance Promenade is a kind of road exploration with which the company celebrates and also recalls the past in this anniversary season. The production, which processes the choreographies of previous performances, not only commemorates and lists, but also reflects and relates to what was formulated by its predecessors, thus confessing the present of the ensemble: how we can connect, how we can relate to folklore, contemporary forms or other challenges with today's sense of life. The walking memory concerns such universal topics as time, faith, the life roles of men and women, values ​​and tradition.

During the walk, we calmly observe. We easily turn our gaze forward and backward, we manage to linger at the stations of the journey behind us. There are bright images that are associated with clear feelings, and there are more shadowy, contourless, stained ones that are associated with uncertainty. This walk is like an inner journey through the field of memory. It is not characterized by haste or effort, but by attention. Where have we been so far? What kind of experiences have we gathered? Where are we going from here?

The themes of the choreographies shown in the performance can be interpreted as an independent world, and the stations can be strung together in a narrative line, recalling the elements of roots, waste, denial and recognition. They do all this through the cycle of the eternal roles of man and woman, which, like the truths that lie deep in the spinning thread, unravel from the round thread of time.

Costume designer: Furik Rita
Artistic consultant: Prezsmer Boglárka
Choreographers: Orza Calin, Melles Endre, Furik Rita, Tekeres Gizella
Dance instructors: Péter László, Tekeres Gizella, Melles Endre
Narrator: Nemes Levente
Music editor: Fazakas Levente
Director- choreographer: Ivácson László

Dance company: Ádám Júlia, Bakos Ernő, Both Eszter, Gere Csaba, Fazakas Mónika, Fülöp Zoltán- József, Kiss Adorján, Kocsis Lilla-Tünde, Koncz Attila, Lukács Réka, Márton Csaba, Márton Edina Emőke, Melles Endre, Oláh Ágota, Pável Hunor-Mihály, Podholiczky Rebeka-Ráhel, Portik-Cseres Norbert, Szvinyuk Sándor,  Virág Imola
Orchestra leader: Fazakas Levente
Orchestra: Fazakas Albert, Szilágyi László, Bajna György, Éltes Áron m.v.
Singer: Judit Erőss

Reményik Sándor's “Férfi-erdő” poem is performed by Mátray László.

Sound: Kelemen István, Vajda Attila
Lights: Bedőházi Alpár
Stage staff: Fegyver Botond, Maksai Gábor,
Dressers: Kis Gabriella, Para Kinga
Stage manager: Karácsony Endre
Dance masters: Tekeres Gizella, Melles Endre
Artistic director: Ivácson László
Literary secretary: Szőcs Ildikó

Performance organiser: Szilágyi László Béla

Administrative manager: Kátai Jocó

Deputy director: Sipos Noémi
Director: Deák Gyula Levente

The Háromszék Dance Ensemble is sustained by Covasna County Council.

The performance was sustained by the National Cultural Fund.

1st of October, 2020, 19:00- Háromszék Dance Studio
2nd of October, 2020, 19:00- Háromszék Dance Studio

The Háromszék Dance Ensemble is sustained by Covasna County Council.
The performance was sustained by the National Cultural Fund.

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