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Folk Dance House (September – December, 2016)

September 19, 2016 haromszek 0 Comments

Folk Dance Houses begin with folk dance workshops (every season we focus on the traditional dances of a specific etnographic region from Transylvania) hosted by Ádám Júlia and Melles Endre.
Musicians: Heveder and Folker band.
Entry: 5 RON

23 September: Season opening
15 October:  Folk dance house in the frame of Meeting of Professional Transylvanian Dance Ensembles (ed. 12)
28 October: Folk dance house
11 and 12 November.: Folk dance house in the frame of Folk Dance and Music Meeting (ed.28)
25 November: Folk dance house
9 December: Folk dance house
27 decembrie: Christmas Folk dance house

Organizers: Lajtha László Foundation, Háromszék Dance Ensemble, Kónya Ádám Cultural Center.

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