Lucky Dime

May 20, 2016 haromszek 0 Comments

The Lucky dime directed by Ivácson László tells the story of a young boy on his road to become a man. Along the journey he will learn who his enemies and true friends are. This interactive show provides a unique experience and a stunning visual scenery. It is recommended for all ages.

Music: Fazakas Levente
Costumes: Furik Rita
Animation: Ferencz Hunor
Assistent coreographers: Tekeres Gizella, Melles Endre
Assistent director: Fazakas Misi
Stage, director-coreographer: Ivácson László

Dancers: Ádám Júlia, Dombi Rózsa, Keresztes Gabriella, Kocsis Lilla-Tünde, Lukács Réka, Pilinger Mónika, Podholiczky Rebeka Ráhel, Székely Edina-Emőke, Váradi Ágnes, Virág Imola, Melles Endre, Gere Csaba, Kiss Adorján, Márton Csaba, Pável Hunor-Mihály, Törő Bence, Gidró Roland, Portik Norbert, Szvinyuk Sándor / Lukács Tamás

Premiere: 25.05.2016

This performance was sustained by the Hungarian National Cultural Fund.

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