Special event – The Hungarian Heritage House from Budapest!

April 7, 2016 haromszek 0 Comments

The Hungarian Heritage House from Budapest organizes special seminars and workshops on Sepsiszentgyörgy between 8 and 10 April. The event focuses on the practical possibilites of applying traditional folklore in different disciplines and education. The workshops and theoretical seminars are centered around traditional folkmusic and dances, children activities and children’s folk games. Also Folk Dance Houses and folk concerts will be organized on different locations.

Participation on the programes is free but Registration is mandatory! Detailed information and the Registration form are available on the homepage of the Hungarian Heritage House.

Partners: Háromszék Dance Ensemble, Hostel Pub, Cultural Center of Covasna County, Lajtha László Foundation, National Sekler Museum and Városimázs Office from Sepsiszentgyörgy.

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