New stage opening on the Main Square

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The Háromszék Dance Ensemble opens its new stage on 6 september 8 p.m. with the performance „He twirled my hands and danced with my heart” on the Main Square. The show will be held in the frame of “Sepsiszentgyörgy as the center of cultural diversity” program. The entrance is free.

The Háromszék Dance Ensemble’s folk dance performance “Két kezem forgatta, szívem táncoltatta“/”He twirled my hands and danced with my heart” shows a woman’s fate from childhood through the times of court and from choosing the loved one to marriage, where a new life is born and in this world of conventions the circle of life starts all over again. How does a little girl, a bride, a woman, a wife or a mother see herself growing up in the traditional society and how do others see her? Is there any joy when the purity and happiness of childhood passes away, is there any joy left after the loved one is chosen? What can give a meaning to ones path in life, citing the poet: „can we bring love to the other side?” Last but not least, is it possible to transmit our cultural values onto the next generation?

Completing the dramatic line, the choreographies are built from the Turning- or Whirling Dances of the Carpathian Basin. These dances represent the largest preserved Transylvanian dance heritage from the Baroque period, in fact, the Rotation-dance from Marosszék is often mentioned as the queen of couple dances.

Choreographers: Kocsis Enikő, Fitos Dezső, Busai Norbert, Kádár Ignác, Furik Rita, Ivácson László
Music Editor: Fazakas Levente
Director and choreographer: Ivácson László

The show is presented by the dancers of the Háromszék Dance Ensemble and the Heveder Band.

In case of rain the show will be held on 7 September from 8 p.m. on the Main Square.
Organizers: Sepsiszentgyörgy Town Hall, Háromszék Dance Ensemble.

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