Award for exceptional artistic activity!

December 13, 2016 haromszek 0 Comments

The Community Foundation Háromszék offers a public award for the exceptional artistic activity in the region  for Háromszék Dance Ensemble. The grand award will be handed over in a form of a donation in the frame of the He twirled my hands and danced with my heart folk performance on 19 Decemeber 7 p.m. in the Háromszék Dance Studio.

The mission of the Community Foundation Háromszék is to make local people’s life better by mobilizing and developing local resources in order to support local and regional initiatives of the community. This year the Foundation choose to reward the Háromszék Dance Ensemble for it’s artistic activity following a public bid of considerable donation. The award will be handed over by Fleckhamer Ottó, president f Community Foundation Háromszék and Rendi Ferenc entrepreneur, the main supporter of the donation.

Thank you for this honour!

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