Folk Dance House programme (April-June, 2023)

15 April, 2023

During the period April-June, the following events of Folk Dance House will be held in the lobby of Tamási Áron Theatre and in the Kónya Ádám Cultural House:

  • 28-29 April St. George's Day Folk Dance Houses - hosted by Réka Lukács and Adorján Kiss (theatre lobby)
  • 26 May - hosted by Eszter Both and Adorján Kiss (Kónya Ádám Cultural House)
  • 16 June End of season Folk Dance House- hosted by Katalin Dobai and Bencze Stefán (theatre lobby)

Folk Dance Houses start at 21:00 with dance instruction.
Music: The Heveder band and the Folker ensemble

Organizers: Háromszék Dance Ensemble, Lajtha László Foundation, Kónya Ádám Cultural House
The organisation of Folk Dance Houses is supported by the Csoóri Sándor Fund and City Council of Sf. Gheorghe.