Beginning of season at "Háromszék" Dance Ensemble, programmes for September

2023. August 14.

Programmes for August

We will start our 2023/2024 season with a new folklore performance called Home in the Homeland on the 20th of August in Nyíregyháza. We will present the production directed by Módosné Almási Berta Csilla and Módos Máté for the first time in Hungary.

As part of the Nyíregyháza FolkFélHét folklore festival, we will stage the dances and authentic costumes of the different regions of historical Hungary. The audience will be able to see Somogy dances, pair jumping, glass dance, Rimóc dances, Viski dance and waltz, Bukovina two-way tap dance and silladri, Nagypalád and verbunk from Szeghalom. The production "Home in the Homeland" will be performed on the Rózsakert Outdoor Stage from 20:00. We are also very honoured to be able to present a choreography at the official city celebration on 20 August: at 18:30 the audience of Nyíregyháza can meet us on the Kossuth Square stage.

On 24 August we will be invited to the Botorka Folk Dance Festival, which will be hosted by the village of Csíkszentdomokos.


20 August (Sunday) 20:00Home in the HomelandNyíregyháza
Nyíregyházi FolkFélHét  
Rózsakert outdoor stage
24 August (Thursday) 20:00Home in the HomelandCsíkszentdomokos
Botorka Folk Dance Festival
outdoor stage
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