folk-dance theatre

You don't need to be an expert in ethnography to immediately associate 'pure' adjective with nouns. First of all, 'spring' is an obvious choice, but the village 'room' has not yet been forgotten, and 'water' or 'dance' are also popular associations.

Our folk-dance theatre performance aims to show the audience the many shades and virulent colours of the adjective 'pure'. In our case, the purity (discipline) of movement will play an important role, whether it is authentic, tending to the past, or evoking the present and the future. Not only the 'what', but also the 'how' is important for us, we want to show an example of 'purity', of the therapeutic, cleansing power of dance!

Choreographers: Horváth Zsófia m.v., Melles Endre
Music edited by: ifj. Csoóri Sándor m.v.
Singer: Erőss Judit
Orchestra: Fazakas Albert, Fazakas Levente, Szilágyi László, Bajna György
Costumes: Furik Rita m.v.
Design: JuZso m.v.
Dance instructors: Melles Endre, Tekeres Gizella, Deffend Inci m.v., Sára Ferenc m.v.

Director-choreographer: Juhász Zsolt

Dance company Ádám Júlia, Bakos Ernő, Both Eszter, Fazakas Mónika, Gaburi Barbara, Gere Csaba, Gidró Roland, Hoffman Anna, Kis Albert– Adorján, Kocsis Lilla- Tünde, Koncz Attila, Lukács Réka, Márton Csaba, Melles Endre, Pável Hunor – Mihály, Podholiczky Rebeka– Ráhel, Portik– Cseres Norbert, Székely Emőke- Edina, Szvinyuk Sándor, Virág Imola

Sound technicians: Kelemen István, Vajda Attila
Light technician: Bedőházi Alpár
Stage and technical staff: Fegyver Botond, Maksai Gábor
Dressers: Kis Gabriella, Para Kinga
Stage manager: Keresztes Gabriella
Dance masters: Tekeres Gizella, Melles Endre
Orchestra leader: Fazakas Levente
Artistic director: Ivácson László
Deputy director: Koszta Árpád
Director: Deák Gyula Levente

The Háromszék Dance Ensemble is sustained by Covasna County Council.

30 September, 2019, 19:00- St. George, Háromszék Dance Studio

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