Folk Dance Competition for Men, ed. II

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16 May 2015
Tamási Áron TheatrePROGRAM

19.00: Performance of the Háromszék Dance Ensemble – From Lent to Lent. For the participants the entry is free.
21.00: The Competition – in the fram of a Folk Dance House. Music will be provided by the Heveder and Folker bands.

The competition itself consists ot two turns: obligatory dance material (choosen this year from the dances of Jakab József, tradition keeper from Magyarózd) and a free dance material choosen individualy. Deadline for applying: 4 May. Applications should be sent to the following e-mail address:

PRIZES: two main prizes, each in the value of 500 RON. Further prizes will be given by the jury and audience.

Organizer: Lajtha László Foundation
Main Supporter: Dália Flower Shop
Supporters: Town Hall and Covasna County Council.


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