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October 18, 2016

(Magyar) Táncfesztivál a találkozás jegyében

Sorry, this entry is only available in Hungarian.


September 21, 2016

Meeting of Professional Transylvanian Dance Ensembles (ed. 12)

The Meeting of Professional Transylvanian Dance Ensembles (ed. 12) will take place this year between 13 and 16 October in Sfântu Gheorghe!


September 19, 2016

Folk Dance House (September – December, 2016)

Folk Dance Houses begin with folk dance workshops (every season we focus on the traditional dances of a specific etnographic region from Transylvania) hosted by Ádám Júlia and Melles Endre. Musicians:...


September 14, 2016

Zongota – Premiere

Zongota is a performance based on Áron Tamási’s novel entitled Green Branch, a coproduction of the Tamási Áron Theatre with the Háromszék Dance Ensemble and the Gyulai Theatre from Hungary....


August 31, 2016

New stage opening on the Main Square

The Háromszék Dance Ensemble opens its new stage on 6 september 8 p.m. with the performance „He twirled my hands and danced with my heart” on the Main Square. The show will...

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